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Services & Pricing

Weekly Personal Chef Services

Looking for personally-tailored weekday meals for you and your family?  Chef Aubrey will work with you to create individualized menus that fit your tastes, budget, and diet, all while exciting your palate!  Check out our Sample Menu page for some ideas of what we're cooking up right now.

Flexible meal prep options are priced at:

$35/hr* + the cost of groceries**

*labor is billed hourly for shopping, prep, & clean-up; # of hours is flexible and largely dependent on the menu we create for you!

**grocery costs will be vary depending on the number of people you're feeding and the types of meals you choose, e.g. vegetarian meals will be less expensive than seafood options


Special Dinners & Events

If you'd like to host a dinner party, Chef Aubrey can help you design the perfect event, including food and tablescaping! Options range from an intimate meal for 2, to a family-style meal for up to 20, to cocktails & hors d'oeuvres for up to 50.

For 2-5 guests: starting at $100 per person*

For 6-12 guests: starting at $75 per person*

For 12+ guests: starting at $50 per person*

*prices include the cost of groceries; please note that price per person will fluctuate based on the menu chosen, number of courses, etc.

Cooking & Skills Classes

Want to learn a new skill in the kitchen with your friends or family?  Chef Aubrey can bring culinary school to your home kitchen and help you create new and exciting dishes you'll be able to make again and again!

Knife Skills or Dessert Class - $50 per person

ex.: Knife Skills 101; Strawberry Shortcakes; French Omelette How-To

Pasta or Pizza Class - $75 per person

includes how-to and full meal with appetizer & salad

Full Dinner Menu Class - $100 per person

ex.: Classic French with Beef Bourguignon, Pommes Puree, Apple & Endive Salad, Tarte Tatin with Whipped Crème Fraîche


Meal Planning & Coaching

Are you trying to cook more meals at home but need some guidance? Chef Aubrey will work with you to design a weekly step-by-step meal plan, from grocery lists to made-for-you recipes with detailed instructions.  

$35 per hour, two hour minimum purchase

We'll begin by discussing your needs & goals and will work from there!  Custom full-service weekly meal plans typically cost $70.

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