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My Story

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

-Virginia Woolf

I have been cooking professionally for over a decade, working in some of the most highly celebrated restaurants in Chicago, like avec, Blackbird, and daisies.  My time at these neighborhood staples has helped to define my cooking style, utilizing local & seasonal Midwestern ingredients to create rustic and heart-warming Mediterranean-inspired fare. 

I also spent several years as a Chef at Kitchfix, a health-focused meal delivery service, where I honed my skills creating delicious and satisfying recipes to accommodate a variety of food allergies and special dietary restrictions.  My background makes me uniquely qualified to provide your household with personally-tailored wholesome and delicious restaurant-quality meals!

Growing up, I started cooking at a young age with my Mom & Grandma, especially during the holidays.  I loved trying and making new foods, and even had a cooking show obsession by Kindergarten (Hello Julia Child & The Frugal Gourmet)!  Food as a means of celebration and exploration has always been an integral part of my life, well before I discovered I would find my career in the restaurant industry.

Originally from Texas, I moved to Illinois in 2011 to pursue my Master's Degree in the Humanities at the University of Chicago.  While I had  long dreamed of being an English teacher, my passion for cooking as a hobby only grew as I finished college and completed my MA.  Late night Hegel study groups often became an excuse to make red velvet whoopie pies for my study buddies.

After grad school, I decided to take a chance and focus my professional energy toward cooking.  I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu and never looked back. 

Today, I am thrilled to have the privilege of starting and growing my own Personal Chef business.  I love nothing more than sharing happiness and creating community through food.  Being in the kitchen gives me the satisfaction of continually learning new skills, and in turn getting the chance to teach others about and through our food!

When I'm not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my partner, Jimmy, and our 2 kitties & 2 pitties (Lucy, Rigby, Eddie & Boomer).  I love to be outdoors in nature, travel, and have been playing in a billiards league in Chicago for over 10 years! 


Chef-crafted food for every occasion!


In 2022, I even had the honor of competing on a special Chopped Tournament on Food Network, to win the opportunity to be Sous Chef for one of the Chopped judges!


Want to see more?

A tutorial video with ezCater

Watch Chef Aubrey prepare healthy favorites from Kitchfix like cashew yogurt & almond-crusted chicken strips!

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