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Wholesome, restaurant-quality food
made stress free!

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What Makes Us Special

Over a decade of restaurant industry experience

Chef Aubrey's diverse restaurant experience makes her the perfect candidate for a variety of personal Chef services, from fresh home-cooked weeknight dinners, to specially-tailored meal plans with personalized shopping, to multi-course fine dining adventures.

Tailored to your lifestyle & dietary needs

We have a passion for ensuring that great food is accessible and enjoyable for everyone! 

Whether you're looking to cater to a particular diet, have restrictions or allergies, or you're just interested in adding more whole foods to your meals, Chef Aubrey is here to help create the perfect options for you.

Focused on wholesome, local & seasonal ingredients

All of our menus are designed with an eye toward wholesome ingredients that are locally & organically sourced whenever available.  We're fortunate to have an abundance of great farms to support here in the Midwest, and we always endeavor to source as ethically & thoughtfully as possible!

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